SmartBall® Leak Detection

The SmartBall® leak detection platform is a free-swimming tool that can accurately identify leaks and air pockets in water and wastewater pipelines. It is capable of locating very small leaks typically within 6 feet (1.8 meters) of their actual location.


The tool can complete long surveys in a single deployment without disruption to regular pipelineservice. It is equipped with a highly sensitive acoustic sensor that is able to locate pinhole-sized leaks.

During an inspection, the tool is inserted into a pipeline and travels with the product flow for up to 17 hours while collecting information about leaks and air pockets. It requires only two access points, one for insertion and one for extraction, and is tracked throughout the inspection at predetermined fixed locations on the pipeline.

Inspection Benefits

  • Easy to deploy through existing pipeline features.
  • No disruption to regular pipeline service.
  • Long inspection capabilities from a single deployment.
  • Highly sensitive acoustic sensor that can locate very small leaks.


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Sahara Pipe Wall Assessment

The Sahara PWA platform is a tethered tool used to identify stress in the pipe wall of pressurized mains. Areas of pipes with damage will be under more stress than areas with no damage.