SmartBall® Technology

The SmartBall® platform is a free-swimming solution for water, wastewater, and oil and gas pipelines that can complete long inspections in a single deployment.

The SmartBall platform offers a variety of solutions for managing infrastructure, including leak and air pocket detection for water and wastewater pipelines, verification of containment surveys for oil and gas pipelines, and pipe wall assessment for water and wastewater pipelines. Click the links below to learn more about the different SmartBall platforms.


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SmartBall Leak Detection

The SmartBall® leak detection platform is a free-swimming tool that can accurately identify leaks and air pockets in water and wastewater pipelines. It is capable of locating very small leaks typically within 6 feet (1.8 meters) of their actual location.


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SmartBall for Oil and Gas Pipelines

The SmartBall® inspection tool is an innovative verification of containment technology for oil, gas and petroleum products pipelines.


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SmartBall Pipe Wall Assessment

SmartBall® is an innovative free-swimming inspection technology designed to operate in a live pipeline.It is a free-swimming foam ball with an instrument-filled aluminum alloy core capable of detecting andlocating very small leaks, gas pockets and structural defects in pipelines.