PureEM™ is an electromagnetic (EM) inspection technology that can effectively evaluate the condition of Bar-Wrapped Concrete Cylinder Pipe (BWP) by identifying the presence of broken bars and broad areas of steel cylinder corrosion.

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Although BWP looks similar to Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) in cross section, their design and materials are significantly different. PCCP is a concrete pipe that remains under compression because of the prestressing wires, with the thin-gauge steel cylinder acting as a water membrane. With BWP, the cylinder plays a much larger role in the structural integrity of the pipe. BWP is essentiallydesigned as a steel pipe with mild steel used to manufacture the steel cylinder and steel bars.

As a result, the bar in BWP and wire in PCCP respond differently to environmental conditions that facilitate corrosion. The high strength steel wire in PCCP is smaller in diameter and wrapped under higher tension, therefore corrosion makes it quite vulnerable to breakage. The mild steel bars in BWP are thicker in diameter and wrapped under less tension, therefore corrosion takes significantly longer to lead to breakage. An inspection of both the wire and cylinder is required to provide the baseline structural condition of the BWP pipe.

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By effectively identifying broken bars and steel cylinder corrosion, PureEM provides owners of BWP with vital knowledge for implementing maintenance, repair and replacement programs.

PureEM can be deployed on any of Pure’s suite of inspection platforms, including PipeDiver® technology, PureRobotics™ and manned tools. Post-inspection, qualitative results are provided to the utilities, allowing the repair of highly damaged pipes in a shorter period of time.

Inspection Benefits

  • Offers a method of determining deterioration in pipe sections.
  • Can be deployed on a variety of platforms to meet operational requirements.
  • Locates and quantifies the number of bar breaks in pipe sections.
  • Allows utilities to create prioritized pipeline repair, replacement and monitoring programs.


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PureEM™ for Concrete Pressure Pipe


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PipeDiver Condition Assessment

PipeDiver® is a platform for free‐swimming inspections of large diameter water and wastewater pipelines. Surveys are conducted under live operating conditions, providing condition information with minimal disruptions to service.


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PureEM™ for Metallic Pipe

Built on Pure’s proven EM technology, PureEM for metallic pipelines can identify defects on a variety of metallic pipe. The technology can be delivered using Pure’s proven suite of platforms, such as PipeDiver®, PureRobotics™, and manned inspection tools.