PipeDiver® Condition Assessment

The PipeDiver® tool is an innovative, free-swimming condition assessment platform for water and wastewater pipelines that operates while a main remains in service.

The PipeDiver platform is ideal for critical large-diameter pipelines that cannot be removed from service due to lack of redundancy or operational constraints. It can be effectively deployed for long inspections on several types of pipe to determine baseline condition. On concrete pressure pipe, the tool can identify and locate broken prestressing wire wraps, which are the main indication that this type of pipe will eventually fail. For metallic pipes that utilize a steel cylinder as the main structural component, the tool can locate and detect broad areas of cylinder corrosion.

When inserted into a live pipeline through a hot tap connection, an existing access or a submerged tank, the tool travels with the product flow and is able to navigate most butterfly valves and bends in the pipeline.

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Inspection Benefits

  • No disruption to regular pipeline service.
  • Long inspection distances can be covered in a single deployment.
  • Accurate results that pinpoint areas distress help optimize repair planning.
  • Effective on a variety of pipe materials.
  • More cost-effective than methods that require shutdown and dewatering.
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PureEM™ Electromagnetic Inspection

Electromagnetic testing provides the best condition assessment data for large diameter metallic and concrete pressure pipelines.


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PureRobotics™ Condition Assessment

Modular remotely-operated robotic vehicles for inspecting virtually any water or wastewater pipeline.


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Assess & Address Pipeline Management

In order to help utilities manage their aging assets, Pure has developed the Assess and Address® approach to maximize capital budgets and extend the useful life of pipelines. The approach focuses on assessing pipelines to identify specific problem areas that need renewal.