Engineering Services

In addition to a suite of inspection technologies that provide actionable condition data, Pure has an industry-leading engineering team that specializes in the management of water and wastewater networks. We have more than 400 engineers and scientists dedicated to providing expertise to the industry.

While condition assessment data is an important aspect of managing infrastructure, understanding what that data means allows utilities to make defensible decisions about their assets. Pure is the industry leader in pipeline network management, with more than 14, 000 miles assessed to date. Based on this experience, we are able to provide specific engineering services to utilities that allow them to thoroughly understand their pipeline assets.

Pure’s Assess and Address® approach combines our suite of inspection technologies with expert engineering knowledge to successfully extend the useful life of pipelines. This approach has been implemented successfully around the world as utilities attempt to renew their aging pipeline infrastructure. To learn more about our pipeline engineering services, click the links below.


Spot assess

Assess and Address®

In order to help utilities manage their aging assets, Pure has developed the Assess and Address® approach to maximize capital budgets and extend the useful life of pipelines. The approach focuses on assessing pipelines to identify specific problem areas that need renewal.


Fea damage

Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a process that estimates under what operating pressures a distressed pipe will fail.The process allows operators to determine the risk associated with keeping a distressed pipe section in service under various conditions. It also provides the operator with crucial information about when the pipe is likely to fail under different operating conditions.


Spot visual and sound

Visual and Sounding

Visual Inspections and Soundings have successfully been used to quickly identify pipes in the state of incipient failure. Issues other than wire breaks can also be identified through visual inspections, such as unusual cracking and poorly detailed or damaged joints.