Verification of Containment for Oil & Gas Pipelines

Regular and accurate verification of containment surveys are an important part of oil and gas integrity monitoring programs since leaks are often a preliminary indicator that a pipeline will eventually fail.

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SmartBall® Technology is an innovative acoustic verification of containment tool for oil and gas pipelines 4-inches in diameter and larger. The tool identifies acoustic anomalies associated with leaks which differ from anomalies created by other sounds and pipeline features. SmartBall technology is highly sensitive and can identify leaks that aren’t typically found using other systems. The SmartBall platform is ideal for complementing existing pipeline integrity programs with regular containment surveys or as an integrity check on non-piggable pipelines. The tool can also be used for emergency leak location, product theft detection, validating CPM alarms and acceptance testing of new pipelines.

Inspection Benefits

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  • Easy to deploy and tack throughout inspection
  • Long battery life allows for long distances to be inspected in one deployment
  • Can detect ‘pinhole’ leaks as small as 0.016 GPM (0.06 LPM), which is typically several orders of magnitude more sensitive than most CPM-based leak detection systems
  • Maneuvers quickly and easily through a pipeline, differing from conventional inspection pigs
  • The SmartBall platform is light weight for easy shipping and tool preparation