Proactive leak detection on water, wastewater, and oil and gas pipelines is an important part of any infrastructure management program. It allows operators to obtain a baseline condition of their assets, as many leaks often lead to pipe failure.

Excavated leak 3

Pure’s suite of inline leak detection tools allow pipeline operators to identify leaks and air pockets on their critical pipelines with high accuracy. The tools are capable of locating anomalies within 6 feet (SmartBall 1.8m and Sahara .5m) and can identify pinhole-sized leaks that aren’t detected by the majority of leak detection solutions. Learn more about our leak detection solutions for different products below.


Spot transmission mains 2

Transmission Mains

Through the implementation of a proactive and regular leak detection program focusing on large-diameter transmission mains, utilities can greatly reduce their water losses while identifying leaks that could eventually lead to pipe failure.


Spot sewer force mains

Sewer Force Mains

Many wastewater utilities are faced with the difficult task of assessing their sewer force mains, Pure provides reliable pipeline inspection and assessment of force and gravity mains within operational constraints of most wastewater utilities.


Spot oil gas

Oil & Gas Pipelines

Our pipeline inspection technologies offer unparalleled verification of containment sensitivity and accurate location capability for oil and gas pipelines. It is easy to deploy and can be used to complement existing pipeline integrity programs or as an integrity check on non-piggable lines.