Inspection Services

To make scientifically defensible decisions about pipeline renewal, operators must have the right data. Using state-of-the-art inspection technologies, Pure provides actionable information about actual pipeline condition.

Through regular leak detection and pipe wall assessment, it is possible to identify specific areas along a pipeline that require immediate renewal. Armed with a baseline condition from inspection, operators are able to renew their assets and manage them more effectively through re-inspection and future capital planning.


In line leak

Leak Detection

Proactive leak detection on water, wastewater, and oil and gas pipelines is an important part of any infrastructure management program. It allows operators to obtain a baseline condition of their assets, as many leaks often lead to pipe failure.


Spot gas leak

Pipeline Condition Assessment

We provide water and wastewater utilities with the most comprehensive suite of solutions for Pipeline Condition Assessment – from the latest cutting-edge tool to time-tested and proven expertise, Pure is the leader in pipeline assessment.


Gas pocket

Gas Pocket Detection

When managing wastewater force mains, leak and gas pocket detection is crucial since their presence is often a preliminary indicator of a potential failure location.


Spot video inspection

Video Inspection

Regular pipeline inspection is crucial to sustaining the lifespan of water and wastewater networks. Pure’s pipeline video inspection solutions can help ensure pipelines are functioning properly and provide operators with a visual of actual internal pipeline conditions.