Infrastructure Solutions

In order to help infrastructure owners around the world manage their critical infrastructure, Pure has developed a suite of innovative technology solutions that solve specific challenges.

Through a strong commitment to research and development, our portfolio features many patented technologies that can help utilities at various stages of an infrastructure management program. Learn more about our different solutions by clicking the links below.

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Icon pipeline management

Pipeline Asset Management

Municipal water and wastewater service providers can achieve major capital savings by managing their critical pipeline assets. Using a variety of solutions, it is often possible to renew critical pipelines and defer the cost of replacement.


Icon inspection services

Inspection Services

To make scientifically defensible decisions about pipeline renewal, operators must have the right data. Using state-of-the-art inspection technologies, Pure provides actionable information about actual pipeline condition.


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Pipeline Monitoring Services

In order to safely manage pipelines in the long term, asset managers can monitor both the operational and structural conditions of their pipelines in near real time.


Icon data management

Data Management

Data is at the core of our business. Every day we are in the field collecting critical infrastructure condition data for our clients. We strive to ensure consistency, accessibility, and quality of this data, across technologies, sources, and formats.