Power Generation

Although power plant operators maintain shorter pressure pipe distances to support their operations, regular maintenance and safe management is extremely important because the pipes have a high consequence of failure.

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Pure’s proven pipeline integrity solutions provide power plant operators with the necessary asset management tools to rehabilitate or replace pipes as needed, thereby extending the useful life of pipelines.

These solutions have been effectively implemented for water and wastewater utilities around the world to prevent pipe failures and safely renew critical pipeline assets. To learn more about Pure’s solutions, explore the links below.


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Pipeline Management

With populations increasing and available freshwater resources decreasing, water and wastewater distribution pipelines need to be maintained to prevent water loss and damage to the surrounding environment.


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Inspection Services

Aging pipelines and high replacement costs are major challenges facing pipeline owners and engineers worldwide. Pure's leading-edge technologies for pipeline inspection and assessment address this ongoing need and provide valuable information to maximize the life of these assets.


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Monitoring Solutions

Accurately measuring the pressure monitoring in a pipeline is an important aspect of understanding the system hydraulics.


Data management

Data Management Services

Data is at the core of our business. Every day we are in the field collecting critical infrastructure condition data for our clients. We strive to ensure consistency, accessibility, and quality of this data, across technologies, sources, and formats.