Municipal water and wastewater service providers face major challenges managing their aging pipeline infrastructure.

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Many municipal systems were installed decades ago and have been overlooked until recently, as pipe ruptures and leakage have increased and are becoming a problem in everyday life.

Finding the right solutions to manage these systems is also difficult, since the majority of water and wastewater pipelines are complex and were built without redundancy and regular access points. This makes inspection that determines the structural condition of a pipeline more difficult, leaving many operators with no choice but to operate assets until they fail.

While this operate-to-failure approach has been relied on in the past, it is no longer sustainable for municipalities.

A single large-diameter pipe failure can cost between US$500,000 and US$1.5 million to repair without factoring in additional costs from litigation or damage to the environment. In addition, leaks on water pipelines result in billions of gallons of lost water – and revenue – annually. Beyond a massive financial burden, pipe failures and leakage also harm a utility’s reputation and contribute to a negative public perception.

A more practical approach is to manage water and wastewater assets using innovative technology solutions. This can help utilities identify isolated areas of deterioration for renewal, which prevents pipe failures and reduces leakage while avoiding the replacement of pipe with remaining useful life.

Through thousands of miles of pipeline assessment with state-of-the-art technologies, Pure has developed technology-driven solutions that help water transmission and wastewater force main operators manage their most critical assets in a safe, cost-effective way.

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Spot water transmission managements

Water Transmission Management

A proactive transmission main management program is at the core of sustaining long term service reliability while renewing critical water assets; to help utilities manage their water transmission systems, Pure has developed a number of innovative solutions for leak detection, structural assessment, real-time monitoring and pipeline data management.


Sewer force mains

Wastewater Force Main Management

Many wastewater utilities are faced with the difficult task of assessing their sewer force mains, Pure provides reliable pipeline inspection and assessment of force and gravity mains within operational constraints of most wastewater utilities.