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We often get asked what exactly we do. At Pure, this question isn’t as simple as it sounds. Born from the single idea of monitoring the integrity of bridges and structures, the Company has evolved into something much more complex, addressing many more critical infrastructure needs. We think this is exciting

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In the beginning, our plan was to prevent critical bridges and large structures from failing using remote monitoring technology. While this work is important and remains a key part of our business, ourfounders understood that the need for critical infrastructure solutions expanded well beyond bridges and structures – it actually went underground.

Looming beneath our communities are many thousands of miles of water and wastewater pipes that are getting old and starting to break down. Some were even installed in the 1800s. Though these pipes come in many materials and sizes, their commonality is that they provide critical services that we all use every day, but often take for granted.

For decades, owners of critical water and wastewater pipelines didn’t have a reliable way to assess the condition of their assets to figure out where and when they would break. So we decided that the best way to understand a pipe was to get inside it.

In 1997, we installed our patented remote monitoring solution in large-diameter concrete pipelines to identify events that were a precursor to failure. This solution represented a major step in the pipeline management industry; for the first time, operators could identify at-risk pipes before they ruptured.

Since then, we have continued to push our research and development efforts to produce solutions that manage risk and respond to industry needs. We are a company of innovative people and ideas and we are continuously motivated to develop the best methods of managing infrastructure.

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Using our suite of innovative solutions, we can now assess, monitor and manage a variety of pipe materials that transport water, wastewater and oil and gas. We also continue to provide support to the industry that built us – bridges and structures.

As we continue to evolve, our original goal will remain the same – we want to understand how critical infrastructure behaves and provide our clients with solutions that allow them to do the same.

By continuing to challenge the status quo, we are confident that we can continue to learn more about critical infrastructure. This will help build a sustainable future, while providing our clients with actionable information that delivers high return on investment.

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Our History

1993 - Pure begins business as ‘Sextant Enterprise Corporation’, a part-time company looking at acoustic sensors to detect physical changes in building and bridge structures.


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About our management team

Pure Technologies is a world leader in the development and application of innovative technologies for inspection, monitoring and management of physical infrastructure including water and hydrocarbon pipelines, buildings and bridges.


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Our Commitment to Research and Development

At Pure, our approach has always been to foster creativity and innovation; we are fueled by a thirst for more knowledge about how critical infrastructure behaves.


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A True Partnership – Putting the Client First

Our work allows us to collaborate with some of the largest and most proactive infrastructure owners in the world. Regardless of project size, we have an unwavering commitment to delivering actionable information; we look at each project as a partnership.


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Our Mission, Vision and Values

At Pure, we work to protect the critical infrastructure necessary for everyday life.


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Grow Your Career at Pure Technologies

By working at Pure, you have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the thought-leaders in our industry on projects that are ahead of the curve, allowing you to constantly broaden your knowledge.