In-line Leak Detection Services for Large-Diameter Pipelines

Given that 12 billion gallons of water are lost per day globally, water utilities are faced with the need to proactively address leakage and the risk of large diameter pipeline ruptures. Pure's in-line leak detection services have effectively found an average of 2.2 leaks per mile in large diameter trunk water mains.

Accurately Locate Water Main Leaks

Pure's accurate and trusted in-line leak detection services allow water utilities to proactively locate trunk water main leaks that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, thereby minimizing costs associated with potential ruptures and water loss.

Leak Locating

Historically, many water utilities have aggressively repaired leaks which surfaced either by visible leakage above ground or were reported by a third party. However, most leaks result from "unreported" or hidden leaks in trunk mains. Even large leaks can go undetected for years, wasting millions of gallons of water, causing damage to underground infrastructure and resulting in public safety issues.

From a leak management perspective, utilities that fail to proactively find and fix unreported water main leaks, allow a slowly growing backlog of new leaks to occur. The result is mounting water loss volumes and "hot spots" at some locations as a number of small leaks can ultimately lead to a major pipeline failure.

In-line Acoustic Leak Detection

Acoustic leak detection sensors have been developed to run through in-service trunk water mains, bringing the sensor to the leak sound, rather than relying on the leak sound to find the sensor. In-line surveys work exceptionally well on large-diameter water transmission trunk mains, which are often poor at transmitting leak sounds and have limited access points to the pipe.

In-line leak detection services have been proven to reliably identify very small leaks on water transmission mains with pinpoint precision, without requiring the water main to be taken out of service. This is particularly beneficial in assessing pipelines that run under rivers, major highways, or other unaccessible locations.


  • Works well on large-diameter pipelines such as trunk mains (Water, Oil, Gas)
  • Find very small leaks
  • Pipelines with limited access
  • Inspection without shutdown (in-service water mains)
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Pipelines under rivers, major highways, etc.
Pipeline Leak Location Services Application Pipe
SmartBall leak detection

SmartBall® - Leak & Gas Pocket Detection

Leak and gas pocket detection services using a free-swimming acoustic sensor for "straight-shot" inspections.

Operating water and wastewater pipelines All 6"+
Sahara leak detection

Sahara® - Leak & Gas Pocket Detection

For complex trunk main networks, Sahara® leak and gas pocket detection services uses a tethered acoustic sensor allows for real-time results, and maximum control and sensitivity.

Operating water and wastewater pipelines All 6"+
hydrostatic pressure test

Pipeline Precommissioning - Zero leakage for new pipelines

Tethered, in-line leak detection services for new trunk mains with pressure but no flow; real-time results.

Newly constructed trunk mains All 6"+

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Pipeline Asset Management Software

PureNET™ - Integrated Non Revenue Water and Asset Management Software

In order to help utilities manage all aspects of their complex water and wastewater systems, PureNET™ allows utilities to manage their infrastructure data more effectively.

Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

Each day, billions of gallons of water are lost worldwide. Not only does this represent the loss of a precious resource that not everyone has access to; it represents a massive amount of lost revenue for the utilities that provide it.