Pipeline Inspection and Condition Assessment

Pure Technologies provides water and wastewater utilities a comprehensive suite of services for pipeline inspection and condition assessment to better understand their pipe and to enable a proactive management approach.

These technologies have been designed to meet a wide variety of project constraints providing the most comprehensive pipeline condition inspection data.

Electromagnetic Pipeline Inspection

Electromagnetic Pipeline Inspection

Electromagnetic testing provides the best condition assessment data for large diameter PCCP (AWWA C301) and BWP (AWWA C303) pressure pipelines.

SmartBall Pipe Wall Assessment

SmartBall® PWA

A free-swimming technology used to identify stress in the pipe wall of pressurized metallic pipelines.

Pipeline leak detection systems

Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

Highly accurate inline leak detection systems that can detect leaks and gas pockets in operational pipelines. These systems are used primarily on larger diameter water and wastewater transmission mains of all materials as well as oil & gas pipelines.

Pipeline Monitoring

PCCP Pipeline Wire Break Monitoring

Providing real-time critical data of a prestressed pipeline allows the asset owner to effectively monitor changes in structural integrity and identify necessary improvements.

Pipeline Risk Assessment

Near Real-Time Risk Assessment

An online management system that integrates pipeline inspection and condition data with fiber optic monitoring data to manage risk.

Pipeline Transient Monitoring

Pressure Transient Monitoring

Engineers and utility operators are increasingly concerned that transient and surge pressures are adversely affecting the condition of their pipelines. The pressure transient monitoring system can accurately record and plot detailed pressure information that can be used to improve current pipeline operation practices.

Pipeline Engineering Services

Pipeline Engineering Services

Pure Technologies is an industry leader specializing in the assessment and management of pressurized pipelines. Our staff consists of more than 200 engineers and scientists dedicated to this area.

Pipeline Visual & Sounding Inspection Services

Pipeline Visual & Sounding Inspection Services

 Visual Inspections and Soundings have successfully been used to quickly identify pipes in the state of incipient failure. Issues other than wire breaks can also be identified through visual inspections, such as unusual cracking and poorly detailed or damaged joints.

Robotic Pipeline Inspection

Robotic Pipeline Inspection

Modular remotely-operated robotic vehicles for inspecting virtually any water or wastewater pipeline applications.

Proactive pipeline inspection and condition assessment programs are now at the heart of many municipalities long-term maintenance programs – for new and existing pipelines. Utility personnel and others working to preserve their water infrastructure are understanding and utilizing the benefits of advanced electromagnetics, leak detection and monitoring technologies to assess the condition of pipelines and take the proper precautions in making repairs.

Technical Papers

Pipeline Condition Assessment. The Essential Engineering Step in the Asset Management Process

Pipeline Condition Assessment. The Essential Engineering Step in the Asset Management Process

Condition assessment is a critical step in the asset management process. It is the point at which problems and challenges are understood and crystallise into definite plans, both operational and financial.

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