SmartBall® - Free-swimming Inspection System

SmartBallĀ® is an innovative free-swimming inspection technology designed to operate in a live pipeline. It is a free-swimming foam ball with an instrument-filled aluminum alloy core capable of detecting and locating very small leaks, gas pockets and structural defects in pipelines.

Service Application Pipe

SmartBall® - Leak & Gas Pocket Detection

Leak and gas pocket detection using a free-swimming acoustic sensor.

Operating water and wastewater pipelines All 6"+

SmartBall® - Pipe Wall Assessment (PWA)

Autonomous (in-line) pipe wall pre-screening that detects stress

Operating pipelines 6"+

SmartBall® - Oil & Gas

Free-swimming leak detection with high sensitivity and accurate location capability in oil and gas pipelines

Operating oil pipelines All 4"+
SmartBall PWA comes to Boston at ACE14