Pipeline Inspection

Aging pipelines and high replacement costs are major challenges facing pipeline owners and engineers worldwide. Pure's leading edge technologies for pipeline inspection and assessment address this ongoing need and provide valuable information to maximize the life of these assets.

Pipeline Inspection - Water Main

All around the world, we all rely on the millions of kilometers of installed pipelines that are responsible for transporting fluids such as water, sewage, oil and liquid natural gas. While these pipelines are well constructed using high-strength materials such as steel, iron and concrete, they are also vulnerable to various environmental and operating conditions such as internal and external corrosion, cracking, construction damage and manufacturing flaws.

To ensure reliable product delivery and to maintain pipeline integrity, asset managers should consider routine pipeline inspection and holistic management programs to extend pipeline life and prevent risk.

As a global leader in pipeline inspection and management, Pure Technologies provides clients with actionable information to fully understand the condition of their infrastructure and make informed decisions. Based on these assessments, our clients can establish a meaningful cost-savings plan for rehabilitation and long-term maintenance.

Pipeline Inspection - Water

Water Pipelines

With populations increasing and available freshwater resources decreasing, inspection and management of water transmission pipelines is critical to prevent water loss and damage to the surrounding environment.

Sewer Force Main Inspection

Sewer Force Mains

Many wastewater utilities are faced with the difficult task of assessing their sewer force mains, Pure provides reliable pipeline inspection and assessment of force and gravity mains within operational constraints of most wastewater utilities.

Pipeline Inspection - Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Pipelines

From leak detection to condition assessment services - a complete package for inspection of oil, gas & product pipelines.

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Pipeline Inspection Case Studies

City of Rockville Pipeline Inspection

City of Rockville - Robotic Inspection

Learn how Pure conducted a robotic inspection of a critical 24-inch prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) transmission pipeline for the for the City of Rockville’s Department of Public Works (DPW).

Baltimore County Sewer Force Main Inspection

Baltimore County - Sewer Force Main Inspection

Learn how Pure inspected this 54-inch PCCP sewer force main using the SmartBall® and PipeDiver® pipeline inspection systems.

Plains Midstream - Pipeline Inspection for Leak Detection

Plains Midstream - Pipeline Inspection for Leak Detection

Learn how Plains Midstream used SmartBall® pipeline inspection to identify leaks in their oil lines.