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Electromagnetic Inspection

Electromagnetic inspection is used for evaluating the current condition of pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipelines.

Near-Field Electromagnetics

Near-Field Transformer Coupling technology accurately establishes the baseline condition of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP).

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SmartBall® is a new innovative leak detection technology for oil, gas and petroleum products pipelines larger than 4-inch (100 mm) diameter.

Tucson Water

The City of Tucson discussing proactive measures it is taking to avoid pipeline ruptures and conserve the city's water supply.

Sahara® Leak Detection

Sahara® is used for detecting leaks, pockets of trapped gas, and structural defects in large mains.

Stock Discussion on Squeezeplay

Pure Technologies common share (CVE:PUR) is discussed on financial show "Squeezeplay."


PureRobotics™ offers a full suite of inspection sensors that provide the ability to conduct comprehensive inspections of various types of pipe materials and operating conditions.

Sahara® Video

Watch as Sahara® Video inspects a number of pipelines and locates illegal connections, valves, debris, reducers, tuberculation and more. The CCTV tool is capable of inspecting up to 6,000 ft while the pipeline remains in service.

SmartBall Capture

Capturing a SmartBall in a force main.

SmartBall Leak Detection System

SmartBall® is an innovative autonomous in-line leak detection and condition assessment system.

ABC News - WSSC Uses SoundPrint® AFO

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission showcased technology designed to detect problems in their larger water PCCP mains.

Fox News - WSSC Avoid Water Main Break

WSSC uses Pure Technologies to avoid another massive water main break from occurring in the future.

Pipeline Monitoring

This CBC piece discusses the importance of the Great Man River Project and its effects on the water supply in Libya.

Pipeline Monitoring

Soundprint AFO acoustic monitoring was designed by Pure Technologies to detect and locate pre-stressing wire failures in PCCP as they occur in real-time.

Louisville Water Company - 60" PCCP Pipeline Inspection

Louisville Water Company (LWC) needed an accurate condition assessment tool that didn't require pipeline shutdown and lengthy cleanup.


Our long range robotic electromagnetic inspection tool provides nondestructive solutions for maintaining water mains, interceptor and transmission mains, pipelines and pipe (PCCP) systems.

PipeDiver in Dallas

PipeDiver® inspection of a 36" PCCP line in Texas.

Webinar - Condition Assessment of Sewer Force Mains

Webinar on the condition assessment techniques for sewer force mains.

Website Reporting for Bridge Acoustic Monitoring Systems

Demonstrates online reporting tools to monitor historical wire break activity.

Interview During AWWA ACE11

Mike Higgins, VP of Engineering Services at Pure Technologies, discusses how Pure Technologies offers solutions for utilities to proactively manage their pipeline infrastructure.

Sahara Leak Detection in Manila

In 2010, Maynilad brought Pure Technologies' Sahara leak detection technology on board to assist with their NRW reduction program.

Leak Detection Program in Manila

Maynilad operates a pipeline network that runs for more than 6,000 km. A key element of Maynilad's strategy of NRW reduction is increased leak location and repair.

PureRobotics - 42" Sewer Force Main Inspection

Electromagnetic inspection on a 42-inch (1050mm) sewer force main for a major utility in Ontario, Canada.