2010 Technical Papers


An Advanced Method of Condition Assessment for Large-Diameter Mortar-Lined Steel Pipelines
This paper describes the development and application of an advanced method of condition assessment for large-diameter, cement mortar-lined steel pipelines operated by the Hetch Hetchy Water and Power Project of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]

When to Intervene? Using Rates of Failure to Determine the Time to Shut Down Your PCCP Line.
Performing structural evaluations of aged civil engineering structures has traditionally been performed on a static basis. The condition of the structure is tested either destructively or non-destructively to determine its present day condition.

Pipeline Condition Assessment. The Essential Engineering Step in the Asset Management Process
Condition assessment is a critical step in the asset management process. It is the point at which problems and challenges are understood and crystallise into definite plans, both operational and financial.