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Feb 10, 2015

Proactive Pipeline Management – an Essential Part of Sustainable Water Service Delivery

Many utilities across the United States are dealing with the challenges of aging water and sewer infrastructure, much of which was installed many decades ago. Despite their age, buried water and wastewater pipelines remain the most valuable asset a utility owns. In many cases, the value of buried pipelines represents two-thirds of the utilities total assets.

Jan 28, 2015

The Importance of Managing Wastewater Force Mains

Across North America, there are thousands of kilometers of wastewater force mains operated by both small and large utilities. Historically, the management of force mains represents a major challenge for operators, as a failure to a wastewater pipeline can have severe environmental consequences such as contamination.

Jan 6, 2015

Queensland Delivers First-of-its-kind Assessment of Critical Assets in Australia

In 2013–2014, Queensland Urban Utilities developed and implemented a first-of-its-kind risk-based assessment program in Australia utilising innovative technologies and engineering assessment techniques to assess critical sewer mains. This work was in line with Queensland Urban Utilities’ industry-leading approach to risk-based asset management.

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Pipeline Management Solutions

At Pure Technologies, we partner with utilities to help them understand the current condition of their pipes so they can make more informed repair, replacement and rehabilitation decisions.

Louisville Water - Cast-iron Transmission Main Inspection Along Eastern Parkway

Louisville Water completes its first inspection of a cast-iron transmission main while it's filled with water and in service.

Consideration of Internal Visual & Sounding of PCCP in Conjunction with Electromagnetic Inspection

Visual and sounding inspections are a reliable method of detecting pipes in an advanced state of distress. Electromagnetic testing provides the best condition assessment data for large diameter concrete pressure pipelines. When combined, these methods provide a broader picture to the overall condition of buried pipeline infrastructure.

Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System Condition Assessment Project - October 2012

Pure Technologies and LHPWSS completed a 47-km (29 miles) inspection a 1200-mm (48-inch) water transmission main using SmartBall® and PipeDiver®.

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