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Latest News & Articles

April 15, 2014

Using Condition Assessment to Extend the Useful Life of Critical Assets

As critical water and wastewater assets across the United States reach the end of their intended design life, municipalities must manage risk in a cost-effective manner to provide reliable service.

April 11, 2014

Two Californian Utilities Assess Pipelines for Leaks and Gas Pockets

In order to ensure reliable service delivery and reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW) – which can be defined as water that is produced for consumption and lost before it reaches the customer – two Californian utilities completed leak detection surveys on their critical water transmission mains in December 2013, while a third utility assessed a force main with a suspected leak.

April 7, 2014

Padre Dam Municipal Water District Assesses Steel Pipeline with Advanced Inline Technology

In November 2012, PDMWD wanted to assess the condition of a 1.2-mile (2-kilometer) stretch of 20-inch (500-mm) mortar-lined steel pipeline that was thought to be in poor condition and may need replacement. Before committing to the large capital project, PDMWD completed a non-destructive inline assessment using Mini PipeDiver®, a free flowing tool that can determine the baseline condition of metallic pipes.

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Latest Videos

Consideration of Internal Visual & Sounding of PCCP in Conjunction with Electromagnetic Inspection

Visual and sounding inspections are a reliable method of detecting pipes in an advanced state of distress. Electromagnetic testing provides the best condition assessment data for large diameter concrete pressure pipelines. When combined, these methods provide a broader picture to the overall condition of buried pipeline infrastructure.

Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System Condition Assessment Project - October 2012

Pure Technologies and LHPWSS completed a 47-km (29 miles) inspection a 1200-mm (48-inch) water transmission main using SmartBall® and PipeDiver®.

Whitney Rockley Interview on BNN

McRock Capital partner Whitney Rockley discusses Clean Tech investing, intelligent infrastructure and Pure Technologies.

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