Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Critical Pipes in Power Plants

Pure Technologies is a global leader in the development and application of state-of-the-art NDE technologies for critical pipes. Ranging from intake and discharge lines to feeder mains and auxiliary networks, all pipes need to operate safely to ensure efficient and optimum production.


Our patented and proven pipeline integrity solutions provide power plant operators with the necessary asset management tools to rehabilitate or replace pipes as needed, thereby extending the life cycle of pipelines.

Engineering Services

We offer specialized engineering support in areas related to asset management and provide comprehensive condition assessment information and management solutions for pipelines.

In-Line Leak Detection

SmartBall® and Sahara® in-line leak detection technologies provide accurate data on location and size of leaks and gas pockets. These tools utilize acoustic sensors that capture information on the condition of the pipe as they traverse the line.

Electromagnetic In-Line Inspection for Concrete Pressure Pipe

Pure provides electromagnetic (EM) manned and robotic inspection technology for evaluating the current condition of PCCP (C301) and bar-wrapped (C303) pipe. By identifying distressed pipe sections and specifying information on the number of broken wires in a given pipe, EM tools can provide pipeline owners with the vital knowledge they need to implement maintenance, repair and replacement programs

Metallic Flux Leakage (MFL) for Metallic Pipe

The most accurate method of metallic pipeline condition assessment is MFL in-line inspection (ILI) using advanced nondestructive electromagnetic methods to scan the full circumference and length of the pipeline for damage by corrosion and other causes.

Robotic Inspection Systems

PureRobotics™ uses powerful modular robotic pipeline inspection systems that can be configured to inspect virtually any pipe application and are equipped with CCTV, sonar, 3D laser profiling and EM condition assessment tools.

SoundPrint® Acoustic Fiber Optic Monitoring

SoundPrint Acoustic Fiber Optic (AFO) is a patented fiber optic monitoring system used to detect and locate wire failures in prestressed concrete cylinder pipe. The system provides real-time 24/7 pipeline monitoring that can identify deteriorating pipe sections and determine the rate of deterioration in PCCP.

Featured Project

The South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company (STP)

In early 2005, Pure was contracted to conduct a non-destructive evaluation of a portion of one of the plants pipelines using its patented electromagnetic inspection technology.

Featured Webinars

Consideration of Internal Visual & Sounding of PCCP in Conjunction with Electromagnetic Inspection

Visual and sounding inspections are a reliable method of detecting pipes in an advanced state of distress. Electromagnetic testing provides the best condition assessment data for large diameter concrete pressure pipelines. When combined, these methods provide a broader picture to the overall condition of buried pipeline infrastructure.

NDE of Buried Pipes in Power Plants - A Case for Managing Risk

A crucial part of any asset management program is knowing the current state of your assets; this webinar outlines the need for utilities to inspect their buried infrastructure.

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